In this week’s episode, I speak with Dave Owens from Refuge Recovery in Kansas City, Missouri. Dave is an atheist who wasn’t comfortable with most of the AA meetings around here, and he was never able to put a lot of sober time together until he learned about the We Agnostics Group in Kansas City and our sister group Freethinkers in AA Kansas City

Earlier this year, Dave discovered Refuge Recovery which he enjoys and finds helpful to his recovery. Knowing about Dave’s involvement with Refuge Recovery, I invited him over to my house to record this podcast, which I think turned out to be both fun and informative.   

What is Refuge Recovery? 

Refuge Recovery: Is a mindfulness-based addiction recovery community that practices and utilizes Buddhist philosophy as the foundation of the recovery process. Drawing inspiration from the core teachings of the Four Noble Truths, emphasis is placed on both knowledge and empathy as a means for overcoming addiction and its causes. Those struggling with any form of addiction greatly benefit when they are able to understand the suffering that addiction has created while developing compassion for the pain they have experienced. We hope to serve you, and meet you on the path. 

About Refuge Recovery

If you would like to learn more, the website has a lot of useful information about the process and practices of Refuge Recovery, as well as a directory of meetings. The resources page contains links to pamphlets, meeting formats, podcasts, books and more. The book Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovery from Addiction, by Noah Levine is available at Amazon in paperback, e-book format, and audio.  

Should you wish to contact Dave or if you are interested in attending the Refuge Recovery meeting in Kansas City, you can visit their Facebook page, Refuge Recovery Kansas City.  

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