About Secular AA Kansas City

Secular AA in Greater Kansas City

In January of 2012, David S. started an AA group in Lawrence, Kansas that was unlike any AA group that had ever been in the state. He started the We Agnostics Group, a special purpose meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous for agnostics, atheists and freethinkers. Unlike other meetings, they didn’t open and close with a prayer.

Since starting the group, many people have found recovery who might not otherwise have given AA a chance.

In the meantime, in Kansas City, Missouri, John S. was coming to terms with and eventually accepting his atheism. Though, he was easily able to reconcile his atheism with AA, he no longer felt comfortable at his home group.

After searching online, John learned about agnostic AA meetings and on July 20th, he asked Jim C. if he would help start an agnostic meeting. Jim immediately agreed and that night, the website for We Agnostics Kansas City was posted online and within a week, the group found a meeting place at the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church at 4501 Walnut.

Soon after starting, the group John and Jim were joined by Mike, Greg and Brent and over a period of several months, the group experienced slow but steady growth.

In January of 2015, the group had grown enough that it added two new meetings; a Tuesday night meeting at All Souls and a Sunday morning meeting at the KU Medical Center. The Sunday morning meeting was the idea of Gregg O. who had for years enjoyed such a meeting in DC. Nancy C. was familiar with KU Med and it was her idea to secure the Wyandotte Room for our meetings.

In July of 2015, Erica K. after a meeting at the Unity AA group, approached Richard W. and said, “You’re an atheist. You need to go to the We Agnostics Group”. Prior to that time, Richard had never heard of the group, but in a few days he brought several people to the meeting, including Kevin P.

It was also in July that Julie K and Amy P. started the noon meeting on Friday. This brought the total number of meetings to four.

Kevin P., inspired by a book he found at the We Agnostics Group started a new secular AA group called Freethinkers in AA Kansas City in September of 2015. This group meets on Monday and Wednesday’s at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Brookside. They also host the anniversary celebration for both groups on the last Friday of the month.

After adding a Saturday meeting in May of 2016, there is now a secular meeting every day of the week in Kansas City and there are nine meetings a week in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan Area.

Secular AA is still new in the greater Kansas City Area, but it has taken hold and is here to stay. This is the AA of the 21st Century, at long last!


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